Date: 03/07/2021 6:00 PM

Subject: IMPORTANT-PLEASE RESPOND: March Newsletter...



Brothers and sisters in Lodge 2223,


It's March and is the month that is set aside on the Grand Lodge calendar for all lodges to elect their officers for the next two years.  Since we have suspended all lodge activities for 2021 due to the Chinese Virus, there will be no election of officers in Lodge 2223.  The Grand Lodge is NOT happy with our decision and have let me know about it.


Meanwhile the COVID vaccination process is taking place with three options of serum, Pfizer, Moderno and now Johnson & Johnson and there appears a positive future for all of us on the horizon just ahead. With that in mind I remain hopeful that we can have a council meeting in September or October to consider our future and either chart our course for 2022 and beyond or shut down after over 50 years.   As to the last option, I am loath to call it quits without a fight for survival.


I am hopeful that for a change you'll each respond to my request and convey your feelings to me to be discussed at the proposed council meeting.  Whether we continue as a lodge or not depends on your input.  I have been informed by the Grand Lodge that all our assets will belong to them, and that includes our treasury.  For that reason alone I don't want to give up!

We're at a crossroads.


It was but a few years ago we broke the 100 member mark and were the envy of many lodges due to our many activities and growth.  But all that has changed seemingly overnight and we need a revitalization shot in the arm to pick us up and go forward proudly again!


I'm hoping you take pride in our lodge as I do and want to restore our status to what we were once again and we CAN do it if we have the interest and desire to do so.  And in order to do so I need your input to make a decision to continue after the COVID threat allows up to or surrender to the trend of many organizations and to shut down.   Assuming you feel as I do and want to continue, PLEASE provide me with ideas and suggestions that will make our lodge be one to which people WANT to belong.  Look at how many Italians live in Burlington.


I'm hoping to hear from all our members to provide input to the proposed council meeting for guidance later this year!


Don McGowan