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Tuesday , November 18, 2008, The Burlington Sons of Italy Donates Gifts for GI's

Our Burlington Lodge of the Sons of Italy collected Christmas gifts for our GIs serving in the Middle East at our November meeting.

The many gifts consisted of Gold Bond Medicated Powder, DVDs, Sun Screen Lotions, Chapstick with sun screen, Baby Wipes, snack bars such as chewy Granola bars, dried fruits and nuts, powdered drink mixes such as Gatorade, Tang, Iced Tea mix, stationery and envelopes, note pads and greeting cards, sugar free chewing gum, socks, T-shirts, Patriots or Red Sox memorabilia, hats, shirts, etc., beef jerky, playing cards, small board games (travel size), frisbees and footballs, pens, pencils and markers and well-packaged cookies.

The gifts are those items GIs need in such a climate as that of the Middle East and the kinds of things the guys and gals want. The boxes overflowed with gifts from the generosity of our members.

Pictured above from left to right: Ann McGowan, Treasurer; Joe Frango, Sergeant-at-arms; Don McGowan, President; Bob Brutti, Master-of-Ceremonies.

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