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Federal Hill, Providence, RI

(Atwell Avenue)

This is Providence’s answer to Boston’s North End and New York’s Little Italy. Twice a year, once in June and again in October, but a treat anytime, you have a chance to stroll through one of Providence’s most cultural neighborhoods; discovering the treasures at a variety of restaurants, boutiques and gourmet shops. During this “Federal Hill Stroll”, you can sample signature cuisine and fine products at 33 of the Hill’s best venues for only $20. Register online at .www.goprovidence.com.

From the overhead pineapple built into the arch at the base of Atwell Ave. to the very top of Federal Hill dominated by a stately Catholic church where mass can be heard in Italian, one can encounter at every storefront the sights, sounds and aromas of the Italian tradition. The breads, the wines, the pastas, the imported products without end are everywhere available.

A full day excursion to this wonderful Hill is a most rewarding experience-Italian or not!