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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is OSIA?

  • The Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA) is the oldest and largest national organization in the United States for Italian-American men and women. Founded in 1905 to help early Italian immigrants, today OSIA is the nation's leading Italian-American service and advocacy organization. OSIA has a 'grass roots network' of more than 700 lodges or chapters coast-to-coast.
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    WHY "The Order Sons of Italy"?

  • The original name was in Italian, L'Ordine Figli d'Italia. In Italian, "figli" means both "sons" and "children." When the name was translated into English, "sons" was the preferred choice because OSIA is an organization for adults 18 and older.
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    Can women join OSIA?

  • OSIA welcomes women. In fact, women constitute 50 percent of our membership and hold office both locally and nationally.
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    WHY join OSIA?

    - Promote Italian language and culture in United States schools and colleges
    - Fight stereotyping and defamation
    - Educate young Italian-Americans
    - Preserve Columbus Day as a holiday
    - Inform the media about Italian-Americans
    - Support Italian-Americans seeking appointment in government
    - Lobby for state and federal legislation affecting Italian-Americans
    - Raise funds for medical research, disaster relief and cultural preservation projects

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    How Can I Join the Lodge?

  • Requests to Join can be made by contacting: bsoilodge2223@aol.com
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    What is the Cultural Series?

  • Our Ongoing Culture Series

    With every initiation of a new member our President must include, within the purpose of our existence, the following: �encourage the dissemination of Italian culture in the United States��. This is the very intent of our ongoing culture series. It can be meaningful only with the support of members and the community.

    The following is a sample list of guests who have/will be visiting with us. Please check the events page on our website and BCAT for final commitments and dates. We will be reserving the Burlington Public Library for specific dates on Mondays from 6:45PM to 8:45PM.

    Robert Hering, district manager of the Pastene Corporation.
    Sal Pinzone, native of Lipari, one of the enchanting Aeolian Islands in the shadow of Stromboli, to describe life on the islands.
    Dr. John Alcorn of Trinity College, an expert on Italian immigration; �Embracing Immigrants: History, Contributions, Culture and Significance�.
    Dr. Saul Engelbourg of Boston University, our liaison for the spring visits of two exchange professors who are experts on Venetian contributions to the Renaissance.
    Dr Carlo Cippolone-Director of C.A.S.I.T. the direct representative of the Italian Government here in the Boston Area for the teaching of the Italian language in public schools and the dissemination of the Italian Culture.

    Please plan to visit with us. Bring a friend and help us grow. People become a defined organization with common purpose only with common intent.

    Vi ringrazio per il vostro sforzo.
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    What scholarships does OSIA offer?

  • The Sons of Italy Foundation awards 10 to 13 scholarships annually, ranging from $4,000-$25,000. Applications are available in the fall. The deadline is in February. Local lodges and Grands Lodges (state chapters) also have scholarships totaling nearly $800,000 annually.
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    What charities do we support?

  • Alzheimer's
  • -Alzheimer's is one of the two primary charities supported by the National Order Sons of Italy. The Alzheimer's association is the oldest and largest national voluntary organization dedicated to research for the causes, cure and prevention of Alzheimer's disease and providing education and support services.

  • Don Orione Home and Madonna Queen Shrine
  • -In 1949, Cardinal Cushing invited the Don Orione Fathers and Sisters to open a home for elderly men and women in need of extended medical care. On September 24, 1949, Don Orione Home opened its door to its first 4 female patients. In 1953, the new 100 bed East Wing was built with the support of a small group of Italian-American benefactors, including the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts OSIA. In 1966, the modern West Wing was built with an additional 100 beds. The Madonna Queen Shrine was dedicated in May, 1954.

  • Cooley's Anemia
  • -Cooley's Anemia is one of the two primary charities supported by the National Order Sons of Italy. It was selected due to the prevalence of Cooley's Anemia (Thalassemia) among those of Italian descent. Thalassemia refers to a group of genetic blood disorders whose common root is that the body does not produce enough alpha and beta proteins that create the oxygen carrying hemoglobin that is required by the human body to form red blood cells. CAF, or the Cooley's Anemia Foundation, was incorporated in 1954.

  • Casa Monte Cassino
  • -Casa Monte Cassino opened its doors on June 2, 1987, in response to a growing number of blind infants suffering from early retinopathy, who were coming to Boston to be operated on by Dr. Tatsuo Hirose, an ophthalmic surgeon who had perfected a special technique to restore partial sight. It's humanitarian mission is to provide free housing and vital services to all its international guests and to give them a feeling of hope, help and support during their stay in Boston.

  • American Cancer Society
  • -The American Cancer Society was voted on and accepted by the Supreme Lodge in 2006 as officially being named one of the OSIA sponsored charities.

  • Commission for Social Justice
  • -The Commission for Social Justice (CSJ) was founded in 1979 to fight the stereotyping of Italian-Americans by the entertainment, advertising and news industries. It also collaborates with other groups to ensure that people of all races, religions and cultures are treated with dignity and respect. The CSJ is the anti-defamation arm of the OSIA.

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    Where can I get other Sons of Italy information?

  • Link to OSIA National Website
  • Link to OSIA Massachusetts Grand Lodge Website
  • Link to OSIA Italian-American Culture & History Book Club Website
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