Brothers and sisters,


The pandemic has virtually wiped out any plans we had for our lodge for the rest of the year and, sadly, that includes our annual Christmas dinner.  When we get a break from the pandemic and society opens once again I'll call for a council meeting to see what we can do to salvage what's left for our lodge and its future.  Election of officers is scheduled for March 2021. 


Meanwhile, I'll ask our financial secretary, Jo Parrella, NOT to send out notices for annual dues this year and suspend the dues requirement for 2021.  Until our lodge becomes active once again there's no reason to collect dues.  Our treasury is in good enough position to pay the per capita invoices from the grand lodge without dues.


As an aside, the Italian classes went on as scheduled via ZOOM through the work of our three instructors.  Our lodge was not involved in the weekly classes and only our name was used in the recruitment of students for which we will receive $500 donation

to our treasury.


If anything new develops that affects our lodge, I will keep everyone informed.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.


Don McGowan