Newsletter Items for March 2020


Brothers and sisters,


I'm late on this brief newsletter because I wanted to wait until after our trustees completed their assignment of calling all members as well as providing a slate of officers for our upcoming March election.  It appears there are no changes except for the position of president which currently is vacant and which I will fill if there is no one running for the position.


First of all I hope everyone is enjoying this spring-like weather we're having.  Even my lawn looks good!  Daylight Savings Time kicked in last night, the earliest ever, and along with the unseasonably warm weather (no complaints) I ask myself, 'what happened to winter'?  Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog)  predicted an early spring but this is too much...even my lawn looks good.


I reported the movie night I had planned for February was scrapped because I couldn't locate a DVD copy of “Bread and Tulips”.  I will continue to look for a copy for a later showing date.  In the event I can't I will show instead the rambunctious comedy, “Ciao, Professore”, hailed by critics for its vitality and raunchy good humor.  It's a delightful film I know everyone will enjoy.   If all goes well, it'll be showing at the library on March 18 and I'll notify everyone when that is confirmed.


We ended up with 61 students for our Italian Language classes.  My target was 60 and I'm pleased we made it. Our Italian Classes are finally being recognized by the Italian Consulate in Boston through on-site Consul-General Federica Serini and Professor Adamo Castelnuovo..


I'm planning to have some sort of activities to follow our monthly meetings.  One such possibility is a mini BINGO night.  But to be successful we need to have attendees.  If members would once again consider attending meetings, now that bad weather may be over, we can restore our lodge as a monthly meeting place of interest and recruit new members.  We recently were forced to drop 6  members due to non-payment of dues.  Let's all recruit some new members and grow our lodge to what it was just a couple of short years ago. 


Finally, for those Beatle fans:  Sponsored by our Grand Lodge ,Studio Two Live in Concert. “The Early Beatles Tribute Show” will take place at the Winchester Sons of Italy at 117 Swanton Street on Saturday, April 25 at 7:30 – Doors open at 6:30. Tickets are $25.00.Contact the Grand Lodge Office at 617-489-5234.  Bring your own snacks and pizza will be available for purchase.


In closing, please plan to attend our March meeting.   Don