Hello All,

               Hope everyone is weathering all the snow we are getting. Sorry I missed last month’s attempt at a newsletter, but I have been extremely busy with work. As all of you know(that attended the last meeting) I will be going to a  second shift work schedule starting next week and will not be able to run the monthly meeting. Don is going to run the meeting’s in my absence. This will be for the next six months. By then I expect the company’s business need may change. THANK YOU, DON.


We discussed our lodge council positions for the upcoming two years. There will be a few changes. These changes will be discussed at the council meeting. That being said we have a council meeting scheduled for WEDNESDAY MARCH 13, at 7:15PM, Burlington library.


We had a robust discussion at our last meeting regarding a dinner dance in October and entering a float in the Burlington fourth of July parade. We will need volunteers for both events. More to come!  I have also had a discussion with Marie regarding a pizza/dance in June. We will generate income for the lodge and the scholarship fund. At this moment the Italian classes is our only source of consistent income. These events will help out.


Our next meeting is scheduled for TUESDAY MARCH 19, at 7:00 PM.


In closing, I would like to say, I love the direction the lodge is moving in. We have some “irons in the fire”, now we have to make it happen. I will keep in contact even though I cannot attend the meetings.


Ciao, DAN


UPCOMING:  Council Meeting: WEDNESDAY MARCH 13, 7:15 PM, Library


                        Monthly Meeting: TUESDAY MARCH 19, 7:00 PM, Senior Center


NOTE: I will print out a list of upcoming Grand Lodge Events. Copies will be available at the next meeting.


Daniele Squeri

BSOI President

Lodge #2223