Newsletter Items for May 2020


Brothers and sisters,


First of all, as I  type this newsletter, it is 70 degrees outside and sitting on my deck for a short while felt great!  After a rainy week it was wonderful to feel good in the sun.  We had such a cool, record-breaking winter that I hope we don't swing the other way and have record-breaking heat!


Whenever my phone rings and the caller says, "What's Up?", I break out laughing.  'What's up'  is synonymous with NOTHING!  With all the restrictions, how could ANYTHING be 'UP' except for Cabin Fever?  It's time for all of us to get on with living! 


Self-quarantine stinks and it won't be long before the militia comes out and frees us from the corrupt politicians who want to keep us under control.


It's difficult to write a newsletter when there's nothing to write about that's worth mentioning.  Here's ONE piece of news worth mentioning: The monthly May meeting is canceled.  Governor Baker has just assured us of continuing with masks and isolating us from each other.  June may even be hanging in the balance.


Our May meeting isn't the only cancellation.  The Grand Lodge has canceled ALL its events which includes the convention and the CSJ/MELA breakfast.  In addition to Grand Lodge events, I just finished notifying all the Italian Language Class students the the last 6 weeks of the semester are canceled.  It gets depressing!  


OK, that's it for this month's depression.  I promise next months newsletter will be more upbeat and positive.  By then we should be getting some relief from the pandemic.  In closing, please stay tuned. I'll keep you informed as to the status of the lodge vis-a-vis the virus. Let's pray it ends soon so we can return to living our lives!