Newsletter Items for June 2020


Brothers and sisters,


As the words to the song go, “June is busting out all over!”  After a few starts it appears it's really happening.  From here on out the weather should be nice and I hope we can get outdoors, with or without masks! 


We can see the end of our self-quarantine as some places of business are beginning to open.  I, for one, am glad because I need a haircut first and foremost unless I want to braid what's left of my hair into pigtails.  I'm also anxious to go to a nice restaurant for a change and enjoy a dining room other than my kitchen.  It's been a long 3 months.


I'm sure we're all aware that once again our monthly Burlington Lodge meeting will be canceled.  COVID-19 may be on the wane but we need to play it safe and start to think about a September 15th meeting after out annual summer sojourn.  I'd also like to have a council meeting first to plan a strategy that will restore our lodge's standing as one of interest with activities to attract new members and provide for ourselves as well.  I envision a monthly Italian movie at the library and a monthly culture presentation as we had in the past!  Those are just two things for the council to discuss along with some creative ideas to attract new members.  I'll notify all lodge officers when I come up with a date.


Our June meeting isn't the only cancellation.  The Grand Lodge has canceled ALL its events which includes the convention.  And as much as I want to move forward with programs I'm still uncertain about whether or not to resume Italian Classes.  It will depend on the status of COVID-19!  And, of course I'm sure you all know our grand November 14 dinner/dance has been canceled.


Closing on a sad note, in April we lost three former members, Jim and Jean DiPrima, who many of you knew well and Larry Chiodi, who moved to Plymouth about 15 or so years ago.  I know some of you will remember him.


My next newsletter will be on September 1st.  I hope we all have a great summer, virus-free, and attend our next meeting full of enthusiasm, to borrow a mantra from President Trump, to “Make Lodge 2223 Great Again!”