Brothers and sisters of Burlington Lodge 2223 

By the time you receive this meeting report, the holidays will have been behind us and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas despite all the threats of COVID, the Delta variance and now Omicron.  It seems like the pandemic will never end.  BUT, we know it will because I believe God is on our side in the long run!  Meanwhile, if we follow the protocols of wearing our masks and avoiding large crowds of the unvaccinated we'll be just fine.

December was a banner month for our lodge in both membership growth and activities.  We submitted new membership applications for 10 new members to the Grand Lodge and current plans are to hold initiations at our January meeting on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

On Sunday, December 12th, we held our annual Christmas dinner at Lucia's in Winchester and it was exceptional both from the taste and quality of the food as well as the attendance of 38 people.  From all I observed, everyone had a wonderful time.  The meal was great and plentiful, the camaraderie was overflowing and overall it made up for Christmas 2020 when COVID stopped  us from having our annual celebration of the holidays.

And then on the 21st, despite it being a time of year with all the goings-on of Christmas week, we had a great turnout for our monthly, end-of-year meeting with plenty of pizza and a fun time overall.  The 50-50 raffle was won by Maria Lombardo who generously donated her winnings to the lodge.

My encouragement about our lodge's future continues to grow after I had to seek out the COA's maintanance man because he had set out only 25 chairs and we needed more than that!  Increased membership is a good sign and it means Burlington Lodge 2223 is back!


By the way, on the subject of a membership drive, I submitted a notice to be published in both the Burlington local newspaper and the Burlington edition of the Woburn Daily-Times Chronicle.  The article, "ATTENTION ITALIANS", is a general invitation to join us in the preservation of Italian culture and language.


On another topic, we have had our monthly movie offering posted officially on the Burlington Library's on-line calendar.  It currently has us scheduled for the 4th Wednesday of every month at 6:30.  I will follow-up the week before each showing with an ad in the local newspapers.  If the idea of a monthly Italian movie that is open to the public catches on, it should help us grow our membership.  The movie for January will be "Bread and Tulips" with English sub-titles, a highly acclaimed romantic comedy. I invite our members to attend on the 26th of January.




I'm beginning to feel good about our efforts to rebuild our lodge based on what we've seen happening with our membership's new enthusiasm.  I hope it will continue through participation at our next meeting on Tuesday, January 18th at 7:00 where we will be initiating our new members and continue through 2022.  I'm hopeful of creating an 'activities' committee.  Bring your ideas to our next meeting and let them be heard.  Let's make our lodge one where people WANT to belong.  


Finally, members were reminded that our Financial Secretary, Jo Parrella, has sent a notice to every member to remind them of the fact annual dues need to be paid by January 1st.  The response has been exceptional for the most part with but 5 delinquents.  With that in mind, to those unpaid, we'd appreciate your immediate attention to this need.   Last year (2021) no dues were assessed due to the lodge shutdown caused by COVID but now we need the money for expenses and to pay per capita assessments by the Grand Lodge. 


I hope this note finds everyone in good health and looking forward to the new year, 2022.  It has to be a BETTER year than 2021 was where the pandemic created all sorts of problems and hardships.  I look forward to seeing you at our January meeting where we'll initiate new members and then enjoy good fellowship and refreshments upon adjournment.


 And I wish all my brothers and sisters of our lodge a happy, healthy 2022.


Don McGowan