Hello All,

†††††††††††††† Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This is my first attempt at a new style

Newsletter. Iíll keep it short and sweet. In the future Iím going to fix the letterhead to include the names of officers and trustees. Iím going to try this and see how this works.


Our next meeting is scheduled for TUESDAY JANUARY 15, at 7:00 PM. Iíll be making coffee again and YES it will be decaf.


We have sold 18 tickets to the Wilmington Sons, comedy night (Feb. 2nd). We reserved 20 tickets, which is two tables worth. I will have no problem selling the other two tickets, unless someone from the club wants them first. Paula Sasso, will bring the tickets to the meeting and collect the money.

Please see the attachment from the Grand Lodge for all up coming and recurring events. Our Italian classes are listed in there.


Hope to see at the meeting .Ciao for nowDAN



Daniele Squeri

BSOI President

Lodge #2223


††† ††