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Italian Class Instructors

  • Gregory Stringer: Teaches Beginner 1 & 2

    Gregory holds BAs in Classical Studies and Medieval History from Boston University, an MA in Medieval History from the University of New Hampshire and an MA in Latin Language Pedagogy from the University of Massachusetts Boston. He was professional tour guide in Rome, Italy, for nearly a decade, leading independent group tours of the monuments and museums of the Eternal City. Upon returning to the US in 2008, Mr. Stringer taught Italian at the University of New Hampshire and then Ancient and Medieval History at Plymouth State University. He currently teaches Latin at Burlington High School and during the summer he is the Assistant Director of the Paideia Institute’s 16 day Living Latin in Rome High School program, which gathers high school students from around the world to study Latin on site in Rome and around Italy.

  • Anna Rocca : Teaches Intermediate 1 & 2

    Anna was born in Rome, Italy and there received her first Laurea in Political Sciences, a second one in Theoretical Philosophy, and a Master in International Organization at the S.I.O.I. in Rome (Italian Society for International Organizations). Once in the U.S., she obtained a Master in French Studies and Literature with a Minor in Italian at the University of Eugene, OR, and a Ph.D. in French and Francophone Studies and Literature at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA. Dr. Rocca has more than 20 years of experience teaching Italian. At present, she is Associate Professor at Salem State University where she teaches Italian and French languages and literatures.

  • Vilma Bibeau : Teaches Advanced 1 & 2

    Vilma was born in Chieti, Italy. She received her Bachelor in Modern Languages (Italian, Spanish and French) at the Umass Lowell University and a Master in Teaching with a concentration in Spanish at Salem State Univesity. Professoressa Bibeau has more than 15 years of experience teaching Italian. At present, she is the Foreign Language Lead Teacher and the Italian AP (Advanced Placement) Teacher at Medford Public Schools.

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