Week 1: Chapter 4

General review of chapters 1-3

Vocabulary based on sports and pastimes

Present tense of verbs that end in ere and ire


Week 2: Chapter 4

Irregular verbs dovere, potere and volere

Nota culturale: New Sports Passions of the Italians.


Week 3: Chapter 4

Irregular verbs dire, uscire and venire

Direct object pronouns


Week 4: Chapter 4

Review of numbers 0-100

Telling time

Reading: In Trentino-Alto Adige e in Valle d’Aosta


Week 5: Chapter 5

Vocabulary based on food, beverages, cafes

Nota Culturale : Il bar italiano


prepositions combined with the definite article


Week 6: Chapter 5

Past participles, regular and irregular

Present perfect tense with avere


Week 7: Chapter 5

Present perfect tense essere


Week 8: Chapter 5

Verbs: Conoscere and sapere

Reading: In Campania


Week 9: Chapter 6

Vocabulary based on foods and mealtimes

Indirect object pronouns


Week 10: Chapter 6

Review of the present perfect tense with avere

Agreement of the past participle in the present perfect tense when it is proceeded with a direct object pronoun.




Week 11: Chapter 6

Verb: piacere

Question words


Week 12: Chapter 6

Reading: In Emilia-Romagna

Review of chapter 6