Week 1: Lezione Preliminare


Greetings and expressions of courtesy

Titles used when addressing people

Italian Alphabet

Week 2: Lezione Preliminare

Expressions used in the classroom

Classroom vocabulary

Days of the week

Numbers from 1-20


Week 3: Lezione Preliminare

Months of the year


Numbers from 21-100

Review of lezione preliminiare


Week 4: Chapter 1

Places/things in a city

Nouns, gender and number

Indefinite article (how to say a in Italian)


Week 5: Chapter 1

Forms of buono (good) that correspond to the definite article

Subject pronouns

Present tense of avere (to have)


Week 6: Chapter 1

Idiomatic expressions used with avere

Review of chapter 1


Week 7: Chapter 2

Adjectives that describe physical characteristics

Adjectives of nationality


Present tense of essere (to be)


Week 8: Chapter 2

Nota Culturare (cultural note) Italian Schools

Definite article (how to say the in Italian)

Forms of bello (beautiful) that correspond to the definite article




Week 9: Chapter 2

More information on the plural of nouns and adjectives

Reading: In Sicilia

Review of chapter 2


Week 10: Chapter 3

Vocabulary based on the family and the university

Present tense of verbs that end in are.


Week 11: Chapter 3

Irregular verbs: dare, stare, andare, and fare

Nota Culturare: The Italian University

Possessive adjectives


Week 12: Chapter 3

Demonstrative pronouns and adjectives: questo and quello

Review of chapter 3

Reading: In Umbria