Advanced Italian level 2


Weeks One & Two:

a)     Orientation of teacher and students in Italian;  encouraging use of idiom and circumlocution; developing rapport in Italian

b)    Discussion of goals of the course to include review of structure as needed; conversational plans for all classes; introduction to intended readings and text, use of barzellette to check and enhance understanding; simple newspaper and online readings at appropriate intervals


Weeks Three & Four through Twelve

a)     Students will prepare brief description of every day topics with which to initiate discussion, readings from assigned readings in basic literature for each class, simple culture reports, dictations, translations.  Comfort with basic patterns of conversation will be our goal.


Materials for Advanced Italian 2:

         Workbook Italian, Two & Three Years, 2nd edition, Turso , Cincinnato*

         Read & Think Italian, McGraw Hill*

         Cinque Novelle, M. Soldati, Easy Reader*

         Il Segreto e altri racconti, A. Campanile, Easy Reader*


*all texts may be purchased used when available