Advanced Italian level 1


Weeks One & Two:

a)     Orientation of teacher and students in basic Italian

b)      Goals of the course to include structure review as needed, conversation plans for each class, introduction to intended materials and readings by instructor as well published materials as well as using humor to enhance understanding


Weeks Three and Four through Twelve:

a)     All successive weeks will include basic conversation initiated by students who prepare short comments of simple daily activities of their choice, readings, use of worksheets and culled readings for discussion.  Use of assigned readings for home and class at appropriate time in term.

b)    An introduction to basic Italian readings from newspapers and online articles on events of Italian interest and culture.  Confidence in using the language will be our goal.


Materials for Advanced Italian 1:

         Workbook; Italian, Two & Three Years, 2nd edition, Tursi, Cincinnato

         Read & Think Italian, McGraw Hill

         Don Camillo, G. Guareschi, Easy Reader