Brothers and Sisters of Burlington Lodge 2223,


Mark Twain once said, "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." To paraphrase his remark, a similar situation seems to be rampant regarding our lodge since we've not communicated for a few months.  But now it appears the end of the pandemic is in sight and it's time I report to the full membership what's going on with our lodge.


First of all, we're still alive and the Grand Lodge still sends us per capita assessments, which I've been ignoring because we are in a state of suspension pending the end of COVID and the pandemic.  The Grand Lodge has been notified and knows of our status but still sends us a bill.  We may be alive, technically, but we're barely breathing and we need to be making some decisions as to our future, IF there is to be a future for our lodge at all. 


To that end, my plan is to convene a council meeting at the Burlington Public Library on Tuesday,  September 14 at 6:30.  The purpose of the council meeting of all officers will be to discuss that status of the lodge and make recommendations regarding the continuation of our lodge after 50 years or 'throw in the towel' and terminate.  I'm hopeful we can find the consensus to breathe some life into our lodge if possible.  The final decision will be made by a majority vote at a meeting of the full membership.  


Whatever we decide will be our course of action as recommended by the council, it will be presented to the membership at our next regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, September 21 at 6:30, and held at the Council on Aging, to either be approved or rejected.  At that time it will be up to the members to make their feelings be known and to agree or disagree with the council's recommendations.  Ultimately all final decisions will be made by the members after due deliberation and debate in a majority vote.


I hope ALL our members will attend this very important meeting and be a part of this momentous decision.


Don McGowan

'Temporary' president of the Burlington Lodge 2223